Hotel Philosophy

        The philosophy is perhaps the most important form of spirit manifestation and we have to understand that speaking of the philosophy of a hotel, especially of one of 5 stars, implies a great challenge. The basic concept of the "President" Hotel Resort is to face the XXI century's challenge and to fully meet the demands and wishes of its customers. Success should be determined by the desire to make the customers loyal by offering them all the best and to motivate them to come back whenever they need - this is the primary philosophy of our hotel.

      By combining contemporary with tradition, by diversifying and continually improving the services, we have developed a hotel with a distinguished style. The surrounding green spaces provide a pure atmosphere and fresh air all the time while contemporary design, the carefully chosen colors and shapes render comfort and warmth to make the guest's staying pleasant and unforgettable. Thus, we want to create not only comfortable conditions but a true example of the hospitality industry for the Republic of Moldova.

      Those who visit the "President" Hotel Resort are not just customers, they are guests who are treated with courtesy, refinement, quality and ambition to meet all the needs. The "President" Hotel has already become the preferred choice of many business people traveling to Moldova: politicians, diplomats or artists who have seen the true value of their stay in our hotel, either it is a business trip, a working meeting, or mini vacation at the end of the week. The elegant "President" Hotel provides personalized services, tailored to the needs of our guests who find here peace and comfort making them feel as real guests but not as just customers.