Swimming Pool

       The President's swimming pool is a pleasant retreat for our hotel guests. Located next to the hotel, it is an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Thus, you can enjoy moments of relaxation when you want, without having to leave the hotel. When temperatures reach maximum values and you feel like spending time in a swimming pool. The perfect solution is the AquaComplex of the "President" Hotel Resort , a 25 meters long and 14 to 16 meters wide seasonal pool, with massage waterfalls, jacuzzi and crystal water, which undergoes several levels of purification. 


  • 250 mdl / person per day (monday - friday), including chaise longue.
  • 350 mdl / person per day (saturday - sunday), including chaise longue.
*Children up to 7 years old - free entrance (it is not included chaise longue).