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The wine cellar is not only a room, but rather a house where you can feel the soul of the whine…

The wine cellar is one of the most beautiful and representative places of the President Hotel Complex. The Moldovan ancienttradition of growing grapes, but particularly of tasting the harvest with a rich traditional meal are combined in thisroom, offeringboth native guests and tourists a great local menu: starting with the well-known mamaliga (corn polenta) with sheep cheese andpickles, to the most sophisticated dishes to the visitors\' liking. President wine cellar offers notonly a pleasant culinary and wine tasting experience, but also a journey through time and space, a return to the ancientrural traditions by means of the interior,made ​​of natural wood and stone, the furniture specific to legendary Hajduk times, walled barrels from which high quality wines flow. The discovery of such a cellar will definitely make you want toreturn, whenever you get the chance, with your friends orfamily to celebrate important events, or simply to escape fromeveryday life\'s tension and spend your free time pleasuring your soul.

The Crama Restaurant is open 24/24